We Need Your Help!

Posted byA69143a5 tinyJen Messieron mar 15, 2020 underBlog Post

The COVID-19 wildness has come at us all in NYC fast and furious over the past week or so. Like lots of other tiny businesses here, we have really small margins and depend on a packed schedule to cover expenses. Because we also have two storefronts, we have a lot of fixed costs, and this past week has been nothing short of devastating. My ultimate goal is to have nothing change once we all bounce past this phase - hell, to have even more classes to help our teachers make up any losses - but right now we're faced with a difficult situation where revenue has dried up almost entirely while expenses remain nearly the same. We'll of course be applying for the city's small business aid when available as well!

If you're able to and would like to help us during this financially tough stretch, we have a few options. Thank you so much!

1) Purchase agift certificateto be used on a future in-person class://www.urw-tec.com/gift-certificates

2) Try out anonline class(more being added each day as we navigate this new world)://www.urw-tec.com/courses- just look for "online class" next to the class name

3) Sign up for a class further into thefuture://www.urw-tec.com/courses

4) Join us as avirtual member to provide critical revenuefor our fixed expenses at this time://www.urw-tec.com/c…/virtual-supporter-membership

5) Grab aBrainery tote bag online(这是我们要卖给你!)

6)Sharethese options with friends!