Holiday Gifts Made by Our Teachers: 2013 Edition

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If you're looking for gift certificatestothe Brainery, clickhere.

Jewelry & Accessories


We are Here- Emilie Shapiro's absolutely lovely jewelry line, featuring rings, necklaces, and bracelets


Gothamsmith- 超爽的3D打印珠宝和袖扣有幽默感


Happy Go Crafty- Jess teaches us all sorts of crafts, and you can pick up some very lovely fascinators from her Etsy shop. You can also download herknitting patterns和DIY你的礼物。


Datter Industries- Kaye's an all-around super talent, and if jewelry's not your thing (though it should be), check out herillustrations and prints.

Toys and Fun Stuff for the House


Toobalink- from our pal Will Sakran, who teaches electronics and soldering, comes this neat connector set that lets you turn trash (paper towel and toilet tissue tubes) into structures and sculptures. Like life size legos!


Divine NY & Co.- Rekha'shome accessories只是普通的美丽。退房的非常爽burlap coasters!



Chutneys & More from the DP Chutney Collective- Drake's taught half of Brooklyn how to pickle and preserve at home, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try his ridiculously good chutneys. Check out his site for a list of local stores that carry them or purchase online atSamplrs.


Tomato Achaar fromBrooklyn Delhi- 奇特拉阿格拉瓦尔最近推出了她的第一调味品,一个真棒番茄achaar,可以去任何事情(完美的拉差更换?!),现在你可以买一些在Greene Grape Provisions要么A.L.C. Italian Grocery, both in Brooklyn.



Brooklyn DIY Supply- 制造和奉献,对受试者从肥皂芥末和苦味套件。

Dabbler- 半瓶醋是我们把所有我们了解到在过去的几年中很好的利用真棒事情的方式。每个月,你会得到一个特定的主题精心策划包装在收件箱中脱落。你将拿起一个新的爱好,获得新的技能,做一个有趣的项目,或学习的东西只是简单有用的。


万岁比萨!:匹萨盒的艺术由斯科特·维纳-斯科特的taught a couple pizza history classes for us, and his new book on the amazing world of pizza take out boxes is the perfect gift - fun and loaded with facts.

The Chinese Takeout Cookbookby Diana Kuan - Diana teaches all sorts of Asian cooking classes for us and all over NYC, and her first cookbook features recipes on everything frommoo shu porktoblack sesame ice cream.It's really, really good.

Craft-a-Day: 365 Simple Handmade Projectsby Sarah Goldschadt - A way to kickstart your creativity withadorable handmade projects, even if you might not think of yourself as a crafty person. Check out her new book too:Pom-Poms!:25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects

Instacraft: Fun & Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor & Moreby Alison Caporimo - Awesome little crafts you can make with five minutes and materials you very well might already have on hand. Check out Alison'sEtsy shop,虚构和片段,首饰呢!

Paradise Lust: Searching for the Garden of Edenby Brooke Wilensky-Lanford - A lot of people have spent a lot of timelooking for the Garden of Eden on earth, and Brooke covers some of the most interesting ones here.

Dear Dad, It's Over由M迪克森 - 第M通常讲授连环杀手,有幽默感的巨大的剂量,值得yabo体育客户端庆幸的是,她铲球她自己memoir在这里,有一个类似的,很搞笑的方式。

Ben Feldman, our resident NYC historian, has a few books that will make great reads for anyNew York City historybuff on your list:Butchery on Bond StreetCall Me Daddy.

One Page Productions- if you're looking for blank pages, check out Woody Leslie's selection of handbound books.

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