Beginner's Embroidery: Mini Floral Monogram - ONLINE CLASS

Rhiannon Platt

Taught byRhiannon Platt

里安农普拉特至少是第三个generation fiber artist. Raised by seamstresses, crocheters, and fiber artists of all kinds, she picked up her first pair of needles over a decade ago. Since her first scarf, Rhiannon has gone on to fabricate for Lion Brand Yarn, Nathan Vincent, Olek, Jeila Gueramian, Londonkaye, and Levi’s. In between commissions, she finds time to write patterns and make endless sweaters.

Monday, August 17, 6:00-7:30pm Eastern Time via Zoom

Location:Online Class

The perfect class for aquick giftor adecorationfor your own wall. Learntwo basic embroidery stitches paired with two more advanced, decorative stitches.Students will leave with a finished 3" piece, ready to hang.

Materials needed:

  • cotton embroidery floss (likethis)
  • aneedle(with a big enough eye for your embroidery floss)
  • water soluble pen/pencil (likethis) - these are great because you can wash the marks off your fabric, but don't panic if you don't have one
  • a piece offeltbig enough to fit in your hoop OR non-stretch fabric (like cotton ormuslin)
  • and a 3 or 4 inchembroidery hoop

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